Professional Results

Professional Teams

Insured and safe, our dedicated team of cameraman and pilot create stunning aerial video by flying over, through and around your subject features.


From piloting and camera work, to professional and creative post production, we can deliver raw footage or a finished production with voiceover, music and titles.


A successful and long history in video marketing and digital work.

Professional Equipment

Custom dual operator copters with brushless DC motor stabilizing gimbal and full 360 degree camera panning.

Cinematic Aerial Views For
Any Occasion or Property

High Definition footage, captured by professional pilots and camera operators.
Insured, safe and working with high end clients, agencies and production companies.

What We Do

We fly custom and commercial drones

Customized for ultra smooth cinematic moves, 4K 30fps high resolution footage


We edit and produce your video

We can produce a finished short video for broadcast, web or corporate, or we can hand off video files to you or another production company.


We consult and support your project.

We are experts at helping clients differentiate themselves with powerful video!

Real Estate & Property

Stunning aerial views of residential, campus, corporate and resort properties

Who We Are

About Vidifly

Vidifly is an aerial video production company that flies remote controlled multi-rotor helicopters with high definition cameras for promotional, documentary and cinematic productions.


Vidifly creates highly immersive video by flying over, through, around and above almost anything. “Anything” could be a building, a golf course, a beach resort, museum… or a race, adventure sport or any gathering of people.

Our Team

Scott Benton and Adam Pemberton have been working with large and small clients for over 20 years, crafting messages and creating web, video, and print campaigns. Clients include major universities, private schools, consumer brands, real estate agents and startups.

Adam Pemberton

Founder, Pilot

Scott Benton

Founder, Camera Operator

Garden and Landscape Aerials

Dramatic flyovers of gardens, zoos, and farms…
Fying through barns, arches and doorways to showcase unique features.

Some Of Our Clients




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