Stunning shots of that special day.

More and more couples are hiring aerial drone services for their wedding day. Why wouldn’t they?

Using drones to capture once (or twice?) in a lifetime wedding is becoming the techy trend these days, taking wedding video and photography to the next level. We are not talking about those drones used to capture and patrol war zones — but rather the small multi rotor UAV’s controlled by an expert pilot from the ground remotely.

Many videographers and photographers are adding aerial video and photography to their services after seeing drones being used in real estate and properties, because unlike the typical and traditional wedding photos and videos that uses tripods, cameras and ground videos, UAV’s and drones provide a unique and complementary perspective.

Drones provide some of the most dramatic images of the day.It can capture close-ups, bird’s eye view, still images and flyover video footage in all angles and with different effects.

What drones can do for your wedding

  • Capture aerial still shots of your wedding and record the ceremony from different viewpoints and angles.
  • Create a very unique video with an aerial flyover shots, perfect for outdoor weddings and events held in a beautiful setting.
  • Drones are perfect for landscapes, resort properties and any outdoor venue to capture more dramatic images and give perspective to the location.

Aerial video and photography is unique but it can be more expensive than other photography due to equipment cost and dual operators (a pilot and gimbal operator). Careful planning is important to make sure that the actual shoot will go smoothly and of course, is safe. Drones should be operated and controlled by an expert pilot, have liability insurance, and follow best practices such as not flying over people.

It can add some costs, but the result is an amazing and a dramatic interpretation of your special day!

Aside from weddings, aerial video and photography can also be great for capturing other special occasions and events such as family reunions, birthday parties, school and corporate events.