Recently drones have been taking a swing on golf courses!

Golf courses have become a good target for drone operators, who are creating stunning videos to showcase the course and club properties.

According to a report from the National Golf Foundation, the golf industry is still recovering at a slower pace than the overall U.S. economy. Rounds played, one key measure discussed in the report and typically a good barometer of the overall health of golf, dropped 4.9% from 2012 to 2013.

Golf courses are now looking at aerial video to help with the problem.

Not only will clubs be able to have better marketing and advertising solutions using aerial video and photography, but also they are able to create virtual tours of the course. Users can check out a course before they decide to play.

Aerial video and photography will also benefit the course management through monitoring course conditions. Instead of ground maintenance doing the work, drones will have a better overall scope of the course and also be able to target specific parts needing care.

In addition, digital course maps can be created from the aerial video to help with design and course play.

Clubs and courses can increase revenue and exposure through the videos and images drone capture. Clubhouse walls can be lined with the amazing shots that layers can also purchase.

Not only will the course benefit, but the players as well. Drones can record practice sessions to help capture aerial shots of a golfer’s swings and also track the ball flight.

Finally, tournaments and member-guest events can be filmed for broadcast purposes. Players can also take home DVDs of the event they just participated in.

There are great benefits to using a drone on the golf course. They are more practical in terms of cost and proximity compared to manned helicopters. They can go where helicopters cannot.

The images and shots are more realistic and can deliver highly accurate topographical data that is more useful to the players.

Hiring a helicopter to film an entire golf course is estimated to cost up to $10,000. Drones are much less expensive, so even small courses can afford it.

Now when golfer yells “Fore!” after his golf swing, there will be more than just the ball to look for in the sky.